Vox gives you a voice

It is one of our most innate human characteristics to assess what we perceive. Anything that we see, hear, feel or, generally, experience gets consciously as well as subconsciously interpreted and classified. Alongside our opinion comes the desire to express the same in a meaningful way.


Vox gives you the chance to share opinions on your university experience. Your thoughts are carried forward to the right people, amplifying your position and making change happen. 


Attention - your opinion may be used to change the world! 

The rewards change the world by having a meaningful humanitarian impact. Go check them out here! Your feedback changes the world at your university. It will be forwarded to coordinators and decision makers, so they can act upon your needs. Transparency is hugely important to us. This is why all results will additionally be published on this website.

 - all data is completely anonymous

Obviously your identity is safe, as all data is completely anonymous. Vox works in cooperation with a marketing agency from Barcelona. The "Random Questions" section enables companies to provide a service or create a product that is actually desired. Instead of harvesting behavioural data secretively, as most companies do, vox openly asks for it - and rewards you accordingly. 

We are not receiving any money from anyone, as our work is based on the curiosity of improving things - for which money is secondary. 

Vox wants to help - not bore. This is why the app is designed in a simple manner to be easy, quick and entertaining to use. Vox aims to provide the tool to voice what you are thinking and make it count.



Check out a usability guidance down below! 


See you there!

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